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Tennis Betting

If you looking for sports betting that specializes in the world of Tennis, then you are in luck. Tennis is an extremely popular sport to bet on, with hundreds of tournaments that are being held all over the world. Sometimes it can’t be easy to give up time to login onto a bet site on your computer to place these bets on Tennis. That is why mobile betting is an even greater advantage. Tennis Betting Apps are everywhere and there are some great recommendations for you to try out. Here are a few examples of bet tennis online to find on both Android and iOS:

Tennis Betting Apps for Android

Tennis Betting Apps for Android

Android devices will let you play with Tennis betting apps from the Google Play store. There you can find the best tennis apps for this software that operate better on Android. This counts for both Android smartphones and Android tablets, so be sure to use Google Play often.  The best tennis game app for Android can be one of these:


For a more personalized experience, MyBookie lets you bet your way on Android devices. You can receive a 100% sports Welcome Bonus, get live updates on current Tennis matches, and even view them from your device.  


On Android, XBet lets you bet anywhere at any time and any place. You can double your first deposit for more bets. If you bet on week 12, you will gain free bets on week 13. Find the best Tennis betting lines and the best betting odds on their own homepage.  


NetBet is a popular online casino and sports booking site that comes with a helpful app for androids. The Tennis section can show you all of the tournaments that are happening live with fast response time and faster resources. This includes access to special bets.  

10Bet Sports

10Bet always comes in 10’s, which also includes their 10/10 ratings. The Tennis section of their website is their third-best option, where you can view matches between the best players in the sport. This comes from all of those around the world too.  

Tennis Betting Apps for iOS

Tennis Betting Apps for iOS

IOS devices are mainly run by Apple products. You can download apps for these devices from the Apple App Store. Examples of iOS devices you can use involve the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Mac. Apple products support all versions of iOS so be sure to update regularly so that the free tennis apps can still run smoothly.  the best tennis game app for iPad can be one of these: 

Bet UK 

New customers to this site will bet to bet £10 and receive £30 free. That is a lot more money that you can bet with on their top-of-the-line Tennis section. Many other sports and even casino games are also available in case you need to pass the time.  

William Hill

A popular name that is even more so on mobile. The best tennis app works fluidly on Apple devices, making the betting seem much faster than any other. You can get started with a special offer of £30 if you agree to bet around £10 on Tennis.  

Sportingbet: UK Sports Betting 

Sportingbet encourages bets to be played often so that you can more free bet tennis to use on ones you want. The Tennis selection has a range of contests to try out, so you never be out of options. This includes contests that happen all over the world.  


Bet365 is most famous for its range of betting types that can be played on practically all forms of sports. Even in Tennis, you can use your iOS device to place specific prop bets that can award you a lot of money.

What to Look for in a Tennis Betting App 

If you find yourself a little confused or are simply not sure what to pick, it is important to know what you are looking for. A Tennis Betting App should focus on what you want and be tailored to what you are comfortable with. Whether you need a free tennis app that has plenty of Tennis options or need various bet types to decide how to interact with it. To make your choice easier, here are a few suggestions that can help thin down the options. Not all may be what you are looking for but they are still important to know, nonetheless.  

Match Streaming

Match streaming is when you can see the Tennis match unfold before your very eyes. A betting site will sometimes give you live coverage of the event so that you can see in real-time how your bet is panning out. If you placed a bet on a specific player to win, you can check to see if that player has won or not. A good Tennis Bet app will provide coverage that has good definition and no interference. See the match in clear detail with no visual setbacks, otherwise, it may not be the best site you want to stay committed to.  

Live Betting  

Live tennis betting allows you to place bets right as the match is happening. If you feel like the tide is turning and you may be in for a shot to win, then you can place a bet during a live match. This can be the risker way to play as things can change very quickly. Some may only allow tennis live betting up to a certain point. Find the app that allows this service if you are a fan of betting just as the action is happening. Be sure that you look up the rules of live betting first before signing up.  

Types of Bets Available

There are different types of bets you can use on a bet app. These provide their own set of risks but also plenty of more rewards for you to grab when you can. Some bets allow you to choose several criteria in which a reward can be given out. Some of them allow you to make bets on multiple things at the same time, for a bigger chance of winning. You can make prop bets too, which allow you to bet on a specific circumstance that could occur during the tennis match.  Find free tennis betting tips to choose the right bet for you. 


These are unique rewards you can use to get yourself more winnings, or at the very least, prevent any major losses from occurring. Bonuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They have been around since the beginning of online gambling, giving players more reason to come and bet on their sites. Some offer rewards for those who have been with them long-term, such as a loyalty program or VIP club. These are exclusive benefits that you must qualify for beforehand.  

Banking Methods Available at Tennis Betting Apps

Here is a list of known banking methods you will find on Tennis Betting Apps in the UK: 

  • Credit/Debit cards – These are bank cards you can use that contain your vital financial details. These can belong to providers such as Maestro, MasterCard, or Visa. They are the most common form of banking used by most betting apps and sites.  
  • Direct Bank Transfer – This connects the bank directly to the betting app. It is the quickest method to transfer money over but it may take some time in terms of withdrawals. It is the most secure as the bank will wire the money over to you with absolute security.  
  • Electronic Wallet – This allows you to store money in an online bank account that is separate from the money from your bank. You can use this to deposit money you have kept away and to limit yourself when making deposits. To connect the bet site to it, all you need is access to your email that you use to login into this electronic wallet. Examples are Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller.  
  • Cryptocurrency – This is a form of online currency that is exchanged from money all over the world. Being paid in crypto means you can keep your finances extra safe as they need to be transferred and then exchanged. There are many types of Cryptocurrencies you can use, with some bet sites taking full advantage of them. Examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.  
  • Online Banking – Some online banks can also be used to direct your bank account to your bet site account. Online banking can be run by some apps themselves, which get used to connecting to the bet app much faster.  

Types of Bonuses Offered on Tennis Betting Apps

As mentioned earlier, bonuses can be granted to players who fulfil certain criteria or become new players. These bonuses are a way of getting more players to come and bet on their app, even rewarding those who dedicate themselves to the games. For Tennis betting, there can be exclusive rewards waiting for you in this specific sport. If you want to learn about the bonuses a bet app offers, they can be seen from the home page. They can also be viewed in their very own section, accessible from the sub-menu.  

Welcome Bonus

This can be found in all forms of gambling sites, so long as the law allows it. For example, Australian law forbids the use of sign-up bonuses as of the time of this writing. A welcome bonus is a way for you to get an extra jump start into the bet. You can be awarded more money to bet if you offer up a certain deposit. This means being given more money to use on Tennis if you wish. This only applies to new players, however, so the reward will only last for so long. Take advantage of the best welcome bonus if you are a beginner.  

Mid-Week Bonus

This is when you are awarded something in the middle of the week as an extra boost for playing. This can be more money to bet with, more options offered to you in terms of what to bet, and exclusive deals. The mid-week bonus may only apply to those who have fulfilled certain requirements. It may also apply on certain days and specific times. The day in question may be something like Wednesday or Friday. Tennis may have exclusive bonuses given to them on a specific day of the week.  

Weekend Bonuses

The Weekend bonuses are similar to the Mid-week bonuses. Except for this time, these will only be active during the weekend. These tend to be more popular as people are freer during this time, which means they have more time to log on and place some more bets. The weekend bonus can even be something like a tournament. Players can pit themselves against each other during the weekend to see who can win from the most bets. There may be special tennis matches that only happen during the weekend, so an added bonus to betting might occur if the bet app is generous.  

Loss Recovery Bonuses

These are designed more specifically in a way to prevent major losses from happening. If you suffer too many losses, a recovery bonus may offer you a chance to claim some cashback so that you don’t end up going into deficit. Once again, this may only apply to those who have fulfilled a certain requirement. The money cannot just go to any player who is asking for it. It needs to go to those who need it most, which is why a loss recovery bonus can be rare. If you are unsure of your betting skills, check to see if one is available to help you relax more.  


Any number of rewards can be granted if you want them. There are always new deals and promotions happening all year long on a betting app. If you want the best tennis betting apps around, try to find the app that has the most deals that apply to this sport. Something that boosts the bets from this sport exclusively instead of just to all of them. There may even be deals that apply to specific Tennis players. If you want more information, check beforehand and not after creating an account.