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Football Betting Apps

According to one statistic, soccer and association football is the world’s top-ranking sport with 3.5 billion fans worldwide. Cricket follows with 2.5 billion global fans. Once put into perspective, this clarifies why bookies put so much emphasis on football to attract betters. With the gradual removal of pandemic restrictions taking place over the major part of the world, football, like everything else, is witnessing a revival. This article looks at the close-quarter therefore what sports bettors can get in the year 2021. Read on to find out what football betting apps one can latch on to and how much of what they claim come to pass once put to use. Note that the apps don’t follow any ranking method.

  • Bet365

Bet365 app, both in its iOS and Android versions, allows betting on a pretty extensive number of sporting events. The platform streams over 140,000 events on an annual basis. As far as bets on football are your concern, the app offers a vast range of leagues and tournaments taking place all around the world. With a Malta Gaming Authority license making its operations safe and reliable, Bet365 also promotes responsible gambling and has a dedicated helpdesk for problem gamblers. Simplistic in design with easy navigability, the app gets listed in charts like these because of its live streaming option, great odds, availability of bet builders and boosted odds markets.

One can also avail cash-outs and partial cash-outs with Bet365. The option of shortlisting your favourite sports makes it fast for you to access the markets you are interested in. It offers prop markets on free kicks, passes, free kicks, goal kicks and many more. For new customers, the app currently offers 15% of one’s qualifying deposit in bet credits. The entry deposit must be around $5 to avail of this offer. What you get in return is bet credits up to $53. Making deposits and withdrawals are also fairly easy with this app. Apart from eWallets; one can also hack on normal bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard and AstroPay.

  • Betfair

With a slightly different design, the Betfair app demands some seasoning first. But that aside, what it offers under the hood is what beatmakers strive to get but rarely do. What tops that list is bet builder, using which one can combine odds to facilitate high returns. Goals, cards, player shots, all come under the gambit of bet builder. Because most of the other bookies don’t permit combining prop markets with goalscorers or players, Betfair certainly comes across as unique here. Regarding prop markets, with Betfair, one can place bets even after the match has started. With live streaming in the offing, international leagues that it covers become extra exciting. With UK Gambling Commission and MGA licenses, safe payment gateways and a welcome bonus of up to £100 in free football bets make Betfair worthy of consideration. 

  • Ladbrokes

LC International Limited which is the parent company of Ladbrokes is regulated by the Government of Gibraltar. The company also has a UKGC license. Bringing to the fore a wide variety of soccer leagues, Ladbrokes is synonymous with many things else too. It is not hard to see why it is one of the biggest bookies in the UK. It allows bet building on each Premier League match and most of the leading European Leagues. The prop markets that Ladbrokes offers also give the opportunity to bet on a plethora of outcomes. Good odds also underline the platform’s raving popularity among betters. Ladbrokes is currently offering a welcome bonus of £20 in free bets if a minimum of £5 bet is placed within the first two weeks of account registration. The transaction methods Ladbrokes allows are also fairly common and convenient, therefore.

The only issue we found that could undermine the platform’s reputation is its time-taking app operations. But it is also true that Ladbrokes stands when it comes to timely roll out of app updates.   

  • Coral

Another one of LC International Limited’s sports betting sites, Coral is every bit worthy to make it to the list of best bet football apps. Like Betfair, Coral also allows combining a range of different markets using a bet builder. This includes shots, passes, tackles and many more. This makes betting through the Coral app on European League matches especially judicious because of the visceral nature of the tournament. Coral combines regular bets with free bet bonuses as well that occur every now and then.

One specific point about Coral that demands separate attention is its ‘specials’ market. This section makes speculations on issues that have become talking points in the soccer world enriching, quite literally. One can additionally opt for the ‘request a market’ option to add to the vast portfolio of markets the brand offers. Licenses by the Government of Gibraltar, UKGC, and reliable and popular payment methods are also reasons why betters root for Coral. Its apps for both iOS and Android platforms are absolutely clutter-free. With a current welcome bonus that mirrors exactly what Ladbrokes is offering, the brand is a valuable addition to the sports betting scene. Additional promotions like free bets, profit boosts also come thick in numbers. Some of Coral’s promotions do away with the idea of placing prior wagers altogether. The only downside about the bookie is its tendency against in-play markets.  

  • BetVictor

The most fascinating thing about BetVictor is the sheer diversity of its prop markets. The reach of its best builder is also astonishing. Using a bet builder, you can even bet on the next manager of a club that can also come from League Two of English football. If that is mildly pleasing, consider this. Betting is also open for the next manager to leave in the Premier League. Corners, cards, goals also let the use of bet builder. With a £40 money-back guarantee given that new customers place bets on football four-fold or higher within the first week and lose. The BetVictor app is convenient to use and despite lacking unique features doesn’t cause major discontent. Five-fold accumulator bonus, great odds, easy payments, and fast customer support are some other factors that legitimise BetVictor’s reputation.

The Method We Followed to Choose the Best Football Betting Apps

To be honest, preparing a list of the best football betting apps is a laborious endeavour. One reason is the wild popularity the game enjoys all over the world and how that helps in the proliferation of betting apps. The second reason is the ubiquity of the two software platforms that we are considering, iOS and Android, enjoy. Going by statistics, there are 2.8 billion active Android users from over 190 countries. This makes Android the most popular mobile software platform in the world. Although reeling far behind it in gross market share, in the US, iOS is steadily gaining popularity over Android. In the UK too, the two operating systems are at a loggerhead regarding market share.

To make matters simple for us and for you too, we, therefore, took the most straightforward and effective path. We signed up with each of these apps and used them as standard users. This entailed us making deposits, placing bets and making withdrawals. Having said that, we hope we have secured a portion of your trust, if not all of it.

What follows are factors that we kept in mind while using these apps.

Football Betting Software That Offers Bet Builder

Bet builders help you select and combine different bets to come up with a single large bet. The number of bets allowed for selection differs from one casino to the other. Whereas most of the casinos start from six, there are some others who go all the way up to twelve picks. As such, bet builders are the standard go-to options for betters who aim at creating greater odds to gain greater returns. While using the apps we also gave special attention to bet builders therefore as the availability of one greatly benefits enthusiasts. What we realised, above everything else, is that their utility is maximum when they are available for all or most of the football games. Ladbrokes, for example, is one bookmaker that lets you link prop markets as well using bet builder. 

Another thing we noticed is that some bookmakers present bet builders using different names. For example, BetVictor names it ‘price it up’. While using Betfair, look out for ‘same game multi’ because that is your best builder.

Football Betting Systems with Live Streaming

Best football betting systems combine live streaming options with their betting services and increase the thrill manifold. With high-speed internet and cheap availability of data, this is one service that enthusiasts root for. It helps you stay in the thick of things to let the excitement get underneath your skin. Some apps like Bet365, Betfair understood this and therefore offer live streaming of major European leagues such as La Liga and Serie A. This definitely makes a hierarchy of apps based on their desirability.

Betting Apps for Football That Have a Global Presence

One clarification is in the offing at the very outset. Global presence doesn’t mean the global availability of betting apps. Unless specific laws prohibit the use of certain apps, their remote operations make them accessible from everywhere around the globe. What it refers to instead is the availability of the international soccer scene to bet on. In alignment with the processes of globalization, this is an undisputed fact that people nowadays follow a range of different football leagues from all corners of the earth. Apart from boosting the popularity of the sport, apps, by offering a hefty number of leagues and tournaments, also help betters to try their luck on different things.

Successful Football Betting and the Option of Cashing Out

Catering to a global audience makes it imperative that you be sensitive to the different playing styles of each individual. Players who are risk-takers and aim at astronomical wins definitely elongate their playing time. Non-regular players, on the other hand, may find it more convenient to cash out as soon as they obtain a profit over their bets, no matter the amount. Extra cautious players may also decide to leave using the cash-out option. Providing the cash-out option is also judicial because its non-availability may potentially deflect amateur betters who are trying to learn the ropes of sports betting. A sign of welcoming onboard multifaceted playing preferences, this facility also becomes a major factor in deciding the best football betting app.

Bonuses and Promotions That Make Football Betting Profitable

Maintaining a robust portfolio of bonuses and promotions is another crucial marketing strategy that football betting systems simply cannot ignore. This strengthens the arsenal of football apps and helps them navigate this overly competitive market. Apart from grabbing the attention of onlookers right away, an extra layer of profits in the form of lucrative bonuses and promotions also becomes instrumental in retaining existing players. Satisfying the existing clientele always remains one of the top priorities of companies that strive for success. One obvious reason is that with so many alternatives now at the fingertips of bet makers, betters can make the switch at the drop of a hat. By spreading the word, a satisfied clientele also helps in making further inroads. Apps that were made to our list were judged on this parameter as well, their player retention ability.

Best Football Bets with Prop Markets

Proposition bets, alternatively known as a Prop bet, Prop, Novelty, Side bet, are betting that on the question of the obtaining or non-obtaining of a particular event during a game that doesn’t directly influence the game’s final outcome. There are numerous such events that better generally bet on. For example, which team will score first. Prop markets raise the heat by opening up a floodgate of ways to gain returns. The world of football betting has also caught up with this trend. Betters, especially amateurs, find this to be a convenient entry point to the realm of sports betting. Hardcore fans can cash in their passion for football as well. Apps like Coral, Bet365, Ladbrokes and BoyleSports reveal to offer prop markets. 

Pluralising betting options aside, prop markets also make betting more arresting. It is because betting here involves statistical numbers and figures which in turn demand research. Some of these exciting prop markets that we spent time with are player passes and player shots. Some betting apps like Bet365 offer prop betting on football goal kicks and throw-ins too.

How to Choose the Right Football Betting App?

  • Cash-Out Options

It is an undisputed fact that football apps for Android and iOS that are the best make it to that position because of the cash-out option they feature. Brands that are serious about staying top of the game must include this option. That is because this makes attending to a variety of gambling preferences easy. Amateurs find cashing out on their bets even if the amount is paltry, especially attractive. Cautious players, especially when one is testing out a new betting app, also opt for withdrawing small wins as soon as they win it. With problem gambling a dominant issue staining the discourse on gambling as a whole, the cash-out option works as an intelligent response. 

  • Live Streaming

Placing bets on football is not just about pocketing astounding returns; it is first and foremost about the sport and the energy it exudes. The very best of these apps that promise profitable football betting also offers the option of live streaming the match that is under consideration. It helps aficionados a great deal as it helps them keep up with something that they are passionate about. Football betting in play is also conducive to the idea of having the live streaming option. Observing the match as it unfolds in real-time, beatmakers figure out how to win at football betting even better.

  • Event Coverage

The processes of globalisation have undoubtedly made transforming a company into a familiar brand name a stormy affair. The competition is so high that most of the companies recant on what they started with initially and then become obsolete. The challenge is further compounded in the betting industry on account of stringent regulations in place. Satisfying a global audience, therefore, makes it imperative that bets on football bring as many soccer events as possible to the fold. Apart from directly helping punters on the question of how to win football betting, this also helps in spreading the passion for the sport itself. There being no dearth of soccer events in the world we live in, more event coverage will only keep football alive and well.

  • Odds Quality

Another strong magnet that works in favour of betting software is their odds quality. Anyone who has even some surface idea on betting knows that higher odds promise higher returns. Apps that come with quality odds outsmart their competitors this way. Serious players don’t think twice to undertake this higher risk because the end result always compensates for the trouble. With better know-how of sports betting at their command, they feel their expertise is recognised when the higher return comes their way. Offering quality odds also helps platforms outrun industry competition. Without it, betters will simply switch to apps that promise a better price for the same bet.

  • App Responsiveness

Ease of navigation is one more aspect that can polarise user preference to a great extent. And no matter how obvious it sounds, there are tons of apps that we encountered that didn’t seem to get this simple message. Apps that put functionality first certainly opt for a no-nonsense app design. But ease of navigation doesn’t involve a legible user interface only. It also involves app responsiveness. This last factor has ties with animations, transitions, app rendering, app package size and a few other factors including the hardware one is using and the network quality. It was important therefore to understand first that smartphone manufacturers, as well as network operators, are more or less generous these days regarding these things. Having sorted these variables out, we went for apps that come with optimised loading times, breezy navigation and a design that doesn’t go overboard in any way.

  • Ability to Manage Transactions Easily

Maintaining global clout also necessitates a robust transaction system which will have a place for a variety of solutions to make deposits and withdrawals. Out of security concerns one individual user can also resort to a multiplicity of payment methods. Football apps that allow betting generally pay heed to this factor. What one gets, as a result, is a bouquet of payment solutions that are decidedly secure to use. Preferring apps with low deposit and withdrawal minimum is also intelligent. Betting with little amounts with the facility to draw out even little amounts of return contribute to alleviating one’s gambling worries. We also looked out for apps that proved to be offering faster withdrawals. Apps that allow the use of eWallets are especially adept at this. Relative to eWallets, standard bank transfers or the use of other payment platforms are time-consuming.

  • App Security

Ascertaining whether an app possesses regulatory licenses and a whole bunch of security features is a must. Lacks on these aspects make apps from outright illegal to dubious in nature. What we confirmed, therefore, was whether the apps have in place SSL encryption or not. SSL encryption is a 128-bit encryption mechanism that makes unauthorised decryption of data absolutely impossible. Apps that mobilise other safety elements likewise grabbed our attention. Gambling has always had a cat and mouse relationship with security. Online gambling with real cash has added further substance to such worries. As a result, apps that ask for limited access to user data are safe to root for. There are transparent data policies, prompt customer support and also save user trust from corroding.

Promo Codes That Characterise Best Betting Apps for Football

Betting sites offer betting promo codes as a tried and tested means to encourage new users to get the hang of sports betting. These are generally a string of letters or numbers using which players can obtain special offers. Betting sites and their app versions feature a promotional box for typing the code.  Bookmakers tend to change these codes from time to time. It is noteworthy that with some sites, a change in offers entails new promo codes. Whereas for some else, old codes can obtain new offers. Promo codes may come in different guises as well. For example, deposit code, referral code, bonus code, welcome offer. Although all bookmakers shower new customers with welcome offers, not all of them feature promo codes. Using promo codes, however, can come across as the icing on the cake.

A simple internet search can get you the best of such codes. is one such site that collates up-to-date information on gambling promo codes. Sites such as this offer great relief because they update you as promo codes or offers change. Moreover, these sites also tell you the exact moment of entering your promo code while signing up for the first time.

An effective acquisition tool that ensures fresh betters join the bandwagon, speciality promo codes spike the thrill of sports betting. Certainly then, the best football apps for Android offer this facility.

FAQs: Common Queries for Football Apps for iOS and Android That Offer Betting

Is There a Way to Check the Range of Events Covered?

Yes indeed. Simply select football from the sportsbook and you will see the leagues and betting markets that are on offer.

What Are the Common Payment Methods Supported?

Common payment methods that the best football betting app supports are MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, VISA and many more.

How Do I Actually Initiate Live Streaming?

A ‘play’ logo appearing in the vicinity of the event initiates live streaming. Alternatively, a dedicated section with ‘live streaming’ as its title also offers the service.

Where Do I Find Cash-Out Options?

While using the app, go to the in-play bets section. The app supports cashing out; this is where you will find that option. 

Are There Reload Bonuses for Football Too?

Yes, there are, keeping in view the popularity football enjoys. Reload bonuses come in the shape of free bets, profit boosts, insurance and many more.

Is There a Way to Opt-In for Promotions?

Definitely, all these apps let you tweak your marketing preferences. You can easily enable push notifications to stay updated with new offers and stuff.