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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the UK, and there is no wonder there are dozens or even hundreds of cricket betting apps available for punters here. Beginners easily get confused by the number and the variety of offers. The quality of services and the lists of features vary a lot between different apps, making it extremely hard to make the right choice from the first attempt. This article will serve as a complete guide to beginners, covering every important aspect of your punting journey.

Download Cricket Betting Apps in the UK

The way of downloading a cricket bet app is the same as with all the other apps. You just need to find it on your app store and install it. However, if you’re looking to play at an offshore sportsbook, some additional actions might be required. They vary depending on which platform you’re using, so let us review them for Android and iOS separately.

The Bet365 app - is a quality software, which is not much inferior to the main resource. All disciplines and both lines are also available on the app.
3 games
5.0 rating
Betway offers its customers the respective mobile apps for different types of devices, for betting on sports as well as for poker, casino, etc.
3 games
4.8 rating
William Hill's full range of offerings is available, from sports betting to gambling, including online casinos.
3 games
4.8 rating
Can be downloaded to a variety of smartphones, including iPhone and Android. According to feedback from users of this app, it is one of the best for mobile betting.
3 games
4.8 rating
The bookmaker has standalone apps that can be downloaded separately. These include Ladbrokes Casino, Ladbrokes Lotto, Ladbrokes Slots and others.
3 games
4.8 rating
The app contains the full functionality of Coral's gaming service, including gambling.
3 games
4.8 rating
You can download the Stan James Betting App right here, simply follow the simple instructions and you can be up and running in no time at all.
4.0 rating

Download for Android

As we have just mentioned, the UK betting app is downloaded like any other application. Find the sportsbook on Google Play and install it as usual. With offshore bookmakers, you might need to download the app from their site. However, we strongly recommend downloading only legal and trusted apps, as well as checking that the bookmaker accepts players from the UK. To download such an app, you need to:

  1. Visit the website of the bookmaker.
  2. Find the mobile section and hit the “Download” button.
  3. Launch the .APK file and grant the app all the necessary permissions.
  4. Wait for the installation to finish.

Download for iOS

Locally regulated England cricket apps on iOS are also available as usual in the App Store. And if you’re up for an offshore sportsbook, you will need to create an App Store account for the region the app is available at. Once such an account is set up, you can download the desired application and use it freely. However, just like with Android, we would recommend using only locally regulated apps for your own security.

Which is Better Cricket Betting Apps or Websites?

With betting on cricket on mobile devices, you always have two options. You can either use a downloadable app or place your wagers in a web browser version of your sportsbook. Even though both options have their pros and cons, we would suggest using apps as they are overall better.

Applications typically have better interfaces and smoother controls. The structure of menus with a betting app for cricket is also usually better, which is essential for quick navigation. Some apps even accept Google Pay or Apple Pay for deposits, making transactions extremely easy to perform. Web versions are a good alternative in case you only intend to test a sportsbook and don’t wish to bother yourself with downloading an app.

You can place several wagers there, try activating the promotions and use other features until you make a decision on downloading an app.

Secure & Fair Gambling with Cricket Betting Apps

Security of your wagering is the first thing you should worry about when selecting an app. There are three steps you could perform to avoid using a service of bad security. First of all, check whether the bookmaker behind the selected betting cricket app is legally licensed and regulated in your region. 

Secondly, try to look up its reputation on independent review platforms. In case it is an unreliable sportsbook, other users will definitely mention it in their reviews. Last but not least, make sure the app complies with the latest security standards. This implies encrypting all the user data and transferring it only via the latest SSL protocols.

This is How Our Experts Test Cricket Apps

When working on our reviews, we evaluate each important feature of cricket apps separately. This both allows us to analyse the quality of different aspects with no regard to the others and our readers to get the full picture of the selected bookie’s service. In this section, we will share the criteria we assess and highlight the moments you should take into account.


The first thing we look at is the license of the bookmaker behind the app. An app that is not legally regulated in your region should be considered unreliable and risky. Choosing such an app creates a risk of exposing your personal information or losing the deposited funds. Thankfully, there are lots of licensed apps available, granting you a good assortment to choose from.


Independent review platforms are a great source of information in this case. We never ignore checking out what other players think about the service. When they highlight the downsides of the service or the issues they have had there, we put special attention to them when testing the app ourselves. As an individual player, you should simply project the experience of other users on yourself.

Betting Odds

Odds are the coefficients your bet is multiplied on to calculate the potential winnings. They may vary a lot between different apps, and they have a direct effect on your winnings, making it an essential parameter to take into account. There are lots of platforms you can use to compare the odds. Find such a platform, select a cricket game there and make sure not to choose the app with the lowest odds.

Betting Markets

The variety of betting markets is one of the most important criteria we analyse. It varies a lot between different bookmakers, making it hard for beginners to catch up. To start, we would suggest you compare the markets for the same match offered at different bookmakers. Put special attention on proposition bets as they vary the most. A decent bookie would offer hundreds of markets for every match.

Live Betting

Live or in-play betting is an essential feature every good bookmark has. This is a betting option that allows you to place wagers right when the match is played. The odds are adjusting to the situation on the field, providing you with tons of opportunities during a single match. With most apps, you can also watch live video streams of the matches, making it even more comfortable to place in-play wagers.

Exclusive Features

The competition among betting apps is severe, and there is no wonder the bookmakers usually come up with unique features to stand out from the crowd. These features may vary a lot, starting with instant payment processing and ending with options to cash out your bets before they are calculated. As they are unique for each app, they should also be analysed individually.

Bonuses and Promotions

Almost every bookmaker has a set of promotional offers, providing their players with freebies. In most cases, you will be able to benefit from a welcome gift in the form of a deposit bonus or a free bet. When analysing the promotions, never forget to check the bonus terms. Wagering requirements, expiration dates and maximum limits for winnings are usually used to make it harder for players to actually get something for free. Even though getting freebies is always great, we would suggest focusing on other aspects of the app as a good quality of service is always worth more than any bonuses.

Loyalty Programs

This is the aspect that varies the most between apps, as each bookmaker has its own way of rewarding loyalty. The programs might be layered and grant new rewards for reaching each level or may simply offer a small cashback for your deposits. 

At first glance, it might seem like a small benefit for loyal players, but with some programs, the long-term effect may become truly impressive. When comparing loyalty programs, we would suggest you estimate the benefits you will get after a year of using the app. It might seem like a long shot, but you won’t regret making it if you decide to stick with the same app for the long run.


Some bookmakers hold tournaments for their players. Typically, this implies allowing the players to earn tournament points for a limited period of time and rewarding the leading users with major prizes. There are always some rules limiting the range of eligible bets, but tournaments for cricket betting are held pretty often. The only drawback of such tournaments is that, in most cases, the number of points you earn typically depends on the sums you bet, making it easy for high rollers to claim the leading ranks.

Finding the Right App for Cricket Betting

There are several approaches you can use to find a great app for placing a cricket bet. First of all, you could start with independent rankings of bookmakers. Find a platform and choose one of the best-ranked apps, and you’re good to go. Another option would be to visit players’ review platforms. There, you will find unbiased opinions of other users, allowing you to easily distinguish decent apps from unworthy ones.

Wherever you find an app, it is always a good idea to check its license, reputation and security. It won’t require much time but will prevent you from putting your cash and personal information at risk. You could also search the net for data breaches or security flaws cases associated with the selected app. In case there were no such cases in the past, the chance of them occurring in the future is low.

How to Find a Perfect App for YOU?

As you already know, cricket betting apps are comprehensive platforms with tons of features. There is no wonder different apps appeal to different types of players, as it would be impossible to create an app universally perfect for everyone. To find a perfect app for yourself, you should make the search personalised. The first thing to do here is to determine your preferences. In case you prefer generous promotions, focus your search on that. If you value high odds the most, try finding the top 10 betting apps with the best odds.

Of course, such an approach requires a lot more time to finally select a sportsbook, but it is a worthy investment. It would be easier to simply select one of the leading sportsbooks and start playing, but to get a truly perfect service, you would need to find a bookie that appeals to punters with preferences similar to yours. It might even require you to test several sportsbooks, but when you finally find your perfect app, you will surely not regret the time spent on research.

5 Ultimate Tips For Using a Cricket Bet App

1. Don’t wager more than you can afford

When making a deposit, always keep in mind that you may lose it. We suggest thinking twice before confirming another cash-in. Do your best to avoid making emotional decisions and try to manage your funds smartly. In case you fail, you could try limiting your account. Some bookmakers offer a feature that allows you to set a limit on deposits for a selected period.

2. Bet on what you know

This might sound obvious, but it is a very common mistake among beginners. When you make several good bets, you might have a desire to try betting on other markets. Well, the suggestion here is that you should not unless you are well-informed about these markets too.

3. Information is key

Information is your most valuable asset in sports wagering. Knowing more details than the bookmaker will enable you to spot overpriced or underpriced odds and benefit from it. To get more information, you could subscribe to cricket news or stick to a single league, for example.

 4. Watch the games

When making your first bets, don’t ignore watching the games as they are a great source of information too. It is especially important to analyse your mistakes. When you place an unsuccessful wager and watch the game, you can understand the reasons for your failure and take them into account the next time.

5. Try combined bets

As soon as you are experienced enough, you can try making a combined bet on cricket. These are the bets in which you select several markets for different matches and have their odds multiplied. But remember that you will only win in case all the predictions are correct, so these bets should be placed very carefully.


Summing up, we can only outline that the biggest challenge on your way to bet on cricket is to find a good app for it. There are tons of apps to choose from, and every app has its own unique features, making it extremely hard to make the right choice. Yet, we hope that with today’s article, we’ve made this challenge a bit easier for you. You know where to start and what to take into account, so it is now up to you to find a great app and start wagering on cricket.